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Guidelines for implementing the concept of innovative cluster in Romania

 Performers :

  • National Institute for  Research and Development for Machines and Plants for Agriculture and Food Industry
  • Center for Business Development Innovation
  • Romanian Institute for Economic - Social and Polls Research
  • Economix NewsInno Consult

1)     Concepts. Main actors. Conditions. Benefits.

2)     The situation at European and International Level

·        Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Britain, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Turkey, Israel,  Canada, US

3)     Success Innovative Clusters di European Union

·        France, Germany, Sweden
·        Conclusions

4)     The situation in Romania

·        Potential regional development
·        Regional SWOT Analysis
·        Initiatives
·        The Project INCLUDE - Industrial Cluster Development
·        Guide for setting up a clusters in Romania
·        Cluster mapping site for Romania
·        Project InovCluster 
5)     Funding Opportunities
·        Strategies and policies to support clusters in Romania
·        National C-D-I Programmes
·        European C-D Programs 
6)     The main steps in creating a cluster
·        Preparation Stage
·        Implementation Stage
·        Development Stage  

7)     Registration of the cluster on the "European Cluster Observatory" site

8)     Conclusions and recommendations

The Guide for implementing in Romania the concept of innovative cluster is available at the moment only in Romanian language and can be downloaded here



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