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The  "Legislation" section laws on patents and marks; laws on Labour Code and Fiscal code; laws on employees stimoulation refers to necessary legislation for setting up companies, associations and foundations,

All these laws you need for your company are .pdf and they are the most recent ones according to the romanian legislation.

Laws on setting up companies, associations and foundations 

Law Nr. 31 from 16 November1990_R  april 2009 regarding the setting up of a company

Decision Nr. 26 din 30 January 2000_R_September 2009_regarding associations and foundations

Laws on patents and marks

Law Nr. 64 from11 October 1991_R_November 2009_ regarding  the patents

Law  Nr. 84 from 1998_R_December 2005 regarding the marks and the geografical indication

Laws on Labour Code and Fiscal Code

Law Nr. 53 from 24 January 2003_R_January 2010_ regarding the  Labour Code

Law Nr. 571 from 22 December 2003_R_January 2010_regarding the Fiscal Code



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