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The present research aims to provide an analysis of the particular features and challenges of the automotive part manufacturers in the West Region, in order to identify the support and development perspectives based on the needs of these industries and the existing resources (economic, social, and institutional resources).
The study was carried out during 2008 - May 2009 and contained an analysis of the documents, but also a questionnaire-based field survey based on a sample of 105 companies in the automotive sector, chosen from a basic population of 156 companies. The sampling error is ±5% for a probability of p=95%.
The study will be updated this year regarding the main economic indicators, based on the document analysis.
From the point of view of the products made in the West Region, we can speak of 156 companies whose production falls completely or partly in this sector. The chart below represents the moment when these companies started their activity in the West Region.

In the financial year 2007, the vast majority of companies (65%) had less than 2.5 million euros in turnover (1 euro = 4.0 lei)
Most companies (35%) fit within the category of companies with 10-49 employees, followed by those in the 50-249 employee category.
The analysis of the development goals of the companies in the sample has clearly revealed an orientation firstly towards production (expanding, identifying new partners, diversifying, new markets, etc.) and secondly towards human resources (hiring, professional training), with significant attention being paid to research & development (20%) and cooperation with the university environment (12.4%).




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