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The Automotivest association is a  non-governmental, non-profit organization founded through members' contribution and services rendered by suppliers and buyers in the machine building industry and the automotive sector.

The organizational structure and the management bodies of the association are:
a) the General Assembly
b) the Board of Directors
c) the Censor.

The Association's founding members are: The Regional Development Agency, Timis Chamber of Commerce, Arad Chamber of Commerce, Timisoara Municipality, Arad Municipality , Polytechnica University Timisoara, “Aurel Vlaicu” University Arad, Interpart Production, Inteliform and Neferprod company.

The associated members of the Association are: Mahle Motor Components (engine parts) and Mechanical Processing Centre Bocsa .

The General Assembly  is the leading body comprising all the members. The General Assembly can operate if most of the association members are present and takes decisions based on the vote of the majority of the members present. The memorandum of association can be changed if 2/3 of the founding members vote in favour.

The main tasks of the General Assembly are:
a) to approve the strategy and general objectives of the Automotivest Association;
b) to approve the Organization and Operation Regulation;
c) to modify the memorandum of the association and the Organization and Operation Regulation;
d) to approve the acceptance of new members.
e) to approve the annual activity programme

The Board of Directors of the Automotivest Association ensures the execution of the resolutions of the General Assembly by issuing decisions. The members of the board of directors are elected annually.

The main tasks of the Board of Directors are:
a) to issue annual strategies and activity programmes
b) to coordinate the association's activity in order to meet the goal set;
c) to provide secretarial services for the General Assembly meetings;

The main tasks of the Automotivest Association's President are:
a) to represent the Association in its relations with third parties
b) to hire the staff needed based on the organogram approved by the General Assembly;
c) to sign legal papers on behalf of the Association, subject to approval by the Board of Directors;
d) to organize and lead the daily activity of the Association;



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