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Automotivest cluster focuses its strategy on developing suppliers and electromobility

Launching a cluster initiative in 2007 led to the creation of a critical mass of member and partner companies that identified the market needs. These needs have been taken over by the cluster and translated into a long-term strategy, generating services and projects with European funding.

The Automotivest Association proposes a development strategy focused on reducing the impact of the economic crisis and major changes in the automotive industry on the local economic environment, promoting a clear message to local and multinational companies and to those wishing to expand or locate facilities in West Region.
The main objective of the strategy is to increase the competitiveness of the automotive sector in West Regionby creating own products, added value and innovation, the resultbeing the growth of the summed turnover of the members of Automotivest and the partner companies by 30% by 2020 (compared to 2012).
The specific objectives of the Automotivest Association in the West Region are:
·        Facilitating the generation of own products and implementing innovation in the existing ones by improving the quality of qualified human resources and fostering research and technology transfer, resulting in increased R & D expenditures by 15% until 2020.
·        improving the production processes by providing expertise and infrastructure needed to implement specific services for automotive manufacturers
·        Providing support for companies to access new customers and markets as well as for the marketing and internationalization activities in order to increase exports by 10% by 2020
·        Preparing the transition to electric mobility by applying specific policies and launch pilot projects of infrastructure and electric mobility
The Development Strategy (only in Romanian)  can be consulted here…

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